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Hello, I can create new partnerships and strengthen those already present through my work. Examples would include brand management and accessible web development for multiple NPOs globally, including an impact exceeding $45,000 of pro-bono work for NPO organizations. Operationally, serving as a member of University Development (DAUR), I successfully funded a university “Maker Space” (which included three 3D printers and a laser engraver) through a self-created presentation and was under budget by at least $3000. My resume consists of a demonstrated ability in a highly matrixed global environment, such as experience with assistive technologies, accessibility standards, accessible web engineering, and outreach campaigns. Professional design and development history allows me to bridge creative and technical departments for increased synergy. I have experience creating communication using visuals allowing a more efficient move towards a milestone. Respectfully, Armando Cornaglia


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  • Country: United States of America
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