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Researcher, poet, investigator, writer, scriptwriter, specialized in business administration, business development, human resource development, Arabic language sciences, beliefs, history, genealogy, and other other disciplines. I have many printed books and many ready-to-print books. My printed books have participated in many international, Arab and international book fairs, including: Cairo, Morocco, Damascus, Sharjah, Baghdad, Erbil, and others. , King Fahd National Library, King Abdulaziz Public Library, Qatar National Library, Al-Assad National Library, Algeria National Library, Iraqi Books and Documents House, Philadelphia American University, Yarmouk University of Jordan, Al-Istiqlal University of Palestine, Juma Al Majid Center for Culture and Heritage in Dubai, and others .


  • Arabic - Advanced
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I hold more than 27 international diplomas

Technical / Professional Education, Medicine, Business

1992 - 2019

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  • Country: Iraq
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