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Jaasiel Caldera

Graphic Designer: Customer satisfaction is my top priority.

Jaasiel Caldera. +584246457374

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Damaris Monzalve

Arquitecto & Diseñador

Diseñadora con 5 años de experiencia, especializándome en proyectos interdisciplinares de diseño de interiores y diseño gráfico, trabajando en una misma línea de lenguaje, la imagen corporativa e identidad corporativa de diferentes marcas. He desarrollado diseño de logo, manual de identidad corporativa, papelería y materiales corporativos, empaque de productos, infografías, diseño de perfil de redes sociales y post, elaboración de planos (croquis, elevaciones, cortes transversales y dibujos detallados), modelado 3D, diseño interior comercial y corporativo, decoración, manejo del espacio, estilos, color, iluminación, análisis de materiales y presupuestos-costos. Manejo de diferentes herramientas de diseño asistido.

4.38 ( ratings)

Josefina Accini

Lets Güin

Hi! I'm Josefina, 28, from argentina. I'm living at the argentinian Patagonia. I love treking and Nature itself. I'm a art director, worked with the little mouse company for a while with it's social media at LATAM, but what i'm seeking now it's the Freedom i see in My Home Town, helping smaller companies to develop and grow. Hope we can work togheter!

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sajjad Komeyli


I am a junior Designer which Designing and making visual identity for the things that do not exist right now, It has always been his passion. I LOVE designing and it is one the most enjoyble things in my life. I have the ability to find the best ideas and Bring them to life so that they can stand out on their own and make the best impression on the viewer or customers.

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Sajjad Sarvari

I will design a unique logo for your business

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Armando Cornaglia

Multimedia Graphic Design and Web Developer

Hello, I can create new partnerships and strengthen those already present through my work. Examples would include brand management and accessible web development for multiple NPOs globally, including an impact exceeding $45,000 of pro-bono work for NPO organizations. Operationally, serving as a member of University Development (DAUR), I successfully funded a university “Maker Space” (which included three 3D printers and a laser engraver) through a self-created presentation and was under budget by at least $3000. My resume consists of a demonstrated ability in a highly matrixed global environment, such as experience with assistive technologies, accessibility standards, accessible web engineering, and outreach campaigns. Professional design and development history allows me to bridge creative and technical departments for increased synergy. I have experience creating communication using visuals allowing a more efficient move towards a milestone. Respectfully, Armando Cornaglia

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Andrea Iriarte

Graphic Designer

I'm a Graphic Designer with plenty of experience in the field regarding social media management, branding, vectorizing, and photo editing; I also can do translation jobs and personal assistant gigs. I'm organized, have good grammar and a vast vocabulary, punctual and professional. I speak Spanish as my main language and advance english. Unfortunately, my resume is in Spanish for now but that'll change soon.

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Natasha Salazar

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Ronald Marentes

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fernanda Miranda

Fernanda Miranda

Diseñadora Grafica con 5 anos de experiencia Especialista en Branding Studio Ayudo a las marcas a encontrar su estilo y personalidad Branding - Social Media UX/UI Designer

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