• Discord Server Developer

    Gig category:

    Graphics & Design

    Posted by: LunariumLucifer

    Estimated completion time: 7 days

    Starting at: $6.00

    Currency: Bitcoin Cash

    I will set up a discord server for you, up to what you want, be it a YouTuber/Twitch/Fan Server, A Roleplay server or a general server for formal/informal chatting. 

    When i say i will set up a discord server for you, i mean i will :

    > Set up aesthetic roles for the server with the respective permissions up to your par.

    > Create aesthetic channels for various uses, sorting categories and channels into alphabetic order... If that's what you're into.

    > Set up verification for a server/Self roles.

    > I am vaguely knowledgeable for bots and will set them up for you.