• The online database in Airtable for your business according to your requirements

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    I create the online database for your business or personal project in Airtable. Airtable allows you to create relational databases, implement formulas that can use fields or columns from the database itself. You can see more about Airtable at https://airtable.com/

    Airtable is a powerful collaborative tool in the cloud that has the simplicity of use of a spreadsheet such as Excel or Google Spreadsheets but with the potential and characteristics of a database.
    With Airtable, users can create a database tailored to their needs, configure different types of columns, add records, link tables together, collaborate between people, filter or classify records, and publish views on external websites or applications.
    The system is already used by more than 170,000 companies. Well-known companies already use Airtable to optimize resources, save time and promote collaboration in their teams:

    - Electric car company Tesla uses Airtable to track inventory of vehicles leaving the factory.

    - Time magazine uses it to monitor the production of its videos.

    - It is used by the Expedia web development team to organize, automate and track projects.

    - Mingei Museum moved 26,000 pieces of art by inventorying, labeling and tracking the packed pieces.

    In countries such as the United States and Canada, Airtable is being incorporated into work processes as an indispensable tool and is now arousing interest in Europe and Latin American countries.

    Key features

    Automatic notification: you can send a notification by email to a client or team member every time the status of a project record is updated.

    Linking between database tables: Airtable offers an option to link the records of different cells and create relationships between existing tables.

    Collaboration between users: you can configure your solution so that several users work simultaneously on the same database, which will allow you greater productivity in the workplace.

    The creator of the database can set the permission level for contributors and define them as "creators," "editors," or "readers."

    Publication views: with Airtable you can create different "views" that will allow you to see the information in a different way (calendar, gallery, grouped elements, kanban, etc.) and adapted to each type of user or collaborator.

    Forms: this feature is fabulous and will give you a lot of freedom if what you need is for your collaborators to enter data quickly and from anywhere.