• I will create unique 10k 3d nft art, 3d nft design collection for opeansea

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    Graphics & Design

    Posted by: Hoprem

    Estimated completion time: 25 days

    Starting at: $3000.00

    Currency: Bitcoin Cash

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    Hi, I specialize in creating UNIQUE 3D digital art projects (NFT) with high resale potential. We will create you a 100% unique NFT 3D collection, which are really famous in these times on opensea ,rarible, looksrare and among NFT collectors. I Can deliver High-quality NFTs like HAPE beasts and 3D bored apes using advanced skills in Blender, 3D Max and Pro Python Script.

    • We will generate up to 100,000 NFTs using stuff like Caps, Sunglasses, Mouth, Eyes, Jewelries, T shirts, emotions etc.

    What do I need?

    • Only I need the idea you have in your mind. I will create it for you. It would be great if you had any references for what you wanted me to draw.

    Our Work Process

    1. Creating a rough base outline/Sketch and showing to the client.

    2. Coloring and finalizing the base character after revisions.

    3. Creation of traits list which includes both common and rare traits according to client requirements.

    Why 3D Arts are High priced?

    • Because Its not easy to create and nowadays 3D Arts Are really Trending.

    High-quality custom art is done with care, I know it’s very important that your clients need to love those to make them sell well.

    Contact me before ordering!