Privacy Policy: gathers its users' details. It collects the following user information based on the client and freelancer role.

  • First name - the individual's first name:
  • Last name - last name of the user
  • Email - email of the user
  • Role - whether I want to work as a freelancer or I need some freelancers for my project
  • Username - username on
  • Password - password for accessing

Apart from this, we can collect the following information:

  • IP address
  • Application access location
  • User behavior on will neither share the details with any third party application, nor use its user details while promoting the platform.


  • is based on a B2B business model. We provide a platform for clients and freelancers where the clients can share their projects and choose the best freelancers available to fulfill those requirements using Bitcoin Cash as the payment method.

We provide:

  • A platform for clients to put their projects
  • Resolving conflicts between clients and freelancers